RockDove Slippers review for men and women 2021

Don't you need to take care of your feet? The answer should always be yes, and for this you need to put on a quality pair of RockDove Slippers even when you are staying inside your residence. The slippers have a cozy design that provides you enough warmth and comfort during cold conditions.

And it absorbs the moisture and sweat during hot conditions for supporting our feet. There are slippers for both men and women available here. We have included the top 10 products here and the list starts with RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper.

If you want better cushioning and a soft feel around your feet in both winter and summer, you should check out the whole article carefully.

Best RockDove Slippers

Are RockDove slippers good?

RockDove Slippers

Definitely, RockDove slippers are good and worthy to choose for having enhanced comfort and support on your feet.

  • Cushioned design: The slippers' soft, cushioned insoles provide you a dry and warm feel throughout the whole day.
  • Sweat-absorbent: By absorbing sweat and moisture from your feet, it makes your feet relax and cool.
  • Easy to put on: Each design of RockDove slippers offer easy to put on even if you are in a rush.
  • Relief from foot pain: The slippers provide minor arch support that relieves the users from several foot pains.

Best RockDove Slippers

1. RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

You have no more chances of falling and slipping while wearing this pair of slippers from RockDove. The slippers come with a backheel collar design to prevent your feet from slipping. The manufacturer used rubber to construct the outsole of the slippers. It allows the user to wear them both indoors and outdoors. The slippers provide you a super-soft feel with 95% cotton construction. The makers also used 5% spandex blend with it.

The slippers keep the sweat and odor away from your feet as it comes with breathable waffle knit upper design. For enhanced comfort of the user, the manufacturer used 360-degree memory foam inside the slippers. Also, the memory foam layer contours to the bottom of your feet. There are ¼ inches EVA layers in the slippers, which absorb shocks while you are walking. With the ½ inches heel cushion, it will put less pressure on the heels. They also have spikey massager arch support that soothes plantar fasciitis pain.

Key Features

  1. Rubber outsole
  2. Backheel collar design
  3. Breathable waffle knit upper
  4. The 360-degree memory foam inside
  5. ¼ inches EVA layer.

2. RockDove Women's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove designed this pair of slippers for women, and it has the same features as the first product on the list. The manufacturer used 95% cotton and 5% spandex to construct the slippers. They come with a slip-on style and open-back design. This design allows the user to easily put on and off the slippers. If you want you can use this pair of slipper outdoors as well because they have rubber outsoles underneath. The outsole is also anti-skid.

The slippers don’t offer any obstacle in the proper breathing of your feet, because it comes with breathable waffle knit upper. To keep the feet under comfort, it has 360-degree memory foam surrounding design. You will get pillow soft comfort with the memory foam layer, which contours to the bottom of your foot. You need to worry about having shocks anymore as the slipper prevents shocks with ¼ inches EVA layer. It also reduces the pressure on the heel with ½ inches heel cushioning.

Key Features

  1. Easy slip-on and an open-back design
  2. Anti-skid rubber outsoles
  3. Breathable waffle knit upper
  4. Pillow soft comfort with a memory foam layer
  5. 1/2 inches heel cushioning.

3. RockDove Men's Two-Tone Lightweight Slip-On

If you want to have the same features as the original two-tone slipper with less weight, this pair is an ideal choice for you. The makers constructed the slippers with a cotton blend. But it is lighter and thinner than the original one. It also weighs 30% less. The slippers come with an anti-skid rubber sole, which allows you both indoor and outdoor usage.

You can easily slide your feet into the slippers with the easy slip-on and open-back clog style. During the summer days, it also keeps your feet dry by absorbing moisture and sweat. Because the slippers have a waffle knit upper design. This design also helps to keep the odor away from your feet. The slippers reduce the stress on your feet for extended comfort. You can take care of them by machine wash under 30-degree temperature.

Key Features

  1. 30% less lightweight than the original one
  2. Anti-skid rubber sole
  3. Cotton blend construction
  4. Easy slip-on and an open-back clog style
  5. Waffle knit upper.

4. RockDove Women’s Nordic Slipper

You can reduce foot stress by putting on this pair of Nordic slippers with cushioned memory foam insole. Especially during the cold weather, this pair of slippers keep your feet dry. They come with rubber outsoles, which prevent slippage on any sort of floor. The memory foam cushioned insole is here to provide the user comfort the whole day.

The slippers are fully lined in a cozy micro-fleece design to provide maximized warmth to the feet. The soft inner construction wicks away the moisture and sweat during hot weather conditions. It ensures your feet will stay dry and cool for an extended period. The slippers conform to the shape of your feet.

Key Features

  1. Cushioned memory foam insole
  2. Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  3. Fully lined in a cozy micro-fleece design
  4. It wicks away the moisture and sweat
  5. Conforms to the shape of the feet.

5. RockDove Women's Ruffled Cuff Memory Foam Slipper

If you are searching for a pair of lightweight foam slippers for your wife to keep her feet warm during the cold weather, you can go for this pair. The manufacturer has used cotton and faux fur to construct the slippers and make them capable of keeping the user’s feet warm. Like the other RockDove slippers, it also has a rubber outsole designed.

However, the lightweight nature of the sole won’t make your feet heavier. The soft faux fur lining wicks away the moisture from your feet and helps to keep them dry as long as you are wearing them. The user will have a pillow-soft comfort with the high-density memory foam cushioning, which molds to the contours of your feet. They come with an open-cuff design to let the user easy on and off. The slippers snugly fit in your feet with the sweater knit upper.

Key Features

  1. Cotton and faux fur construction
  2. Lightweight rubber outsole
  3. High-density memory foam cushioning
  4. An open-cuff design
  5. Sweater knit upper design.

6. RockDove Women's Fair Isle Sweater Knit Memory Foam Slipper

What it feels like wearing a sweater on your feet? You will have the same feeling of wearing a sweater on the feet after putting on this pair of slippers. The slippers come with foam outsoles, unlike most rubber outsole slippers. The manufacturer used a cotton-blend to construct the slippers. There are high-density memory foam footbed cushions used in the slippers.

It provides you a feeling of having a pillow under every step. You will also get support from extra-layers o foam and shock-absorbent EVA. It comes with a hand-knitted upper that repels dust and hair. If you are among those who have to stand or walk the whole day, you can also choose this because the slippers provide you a minor arch support that relieves you from foot pain. You can easily take care of them by machine wash.

Key Features

  1. Foam outsoles
  2. It comes with cotton blend construction
  3. High-density memory foam footbed cushions
  4. Extra layers of foam and shock-absorbent EVA construction
  5. Minor arch support.

7. RockDove Men's Moc Slipper

Keep the odor away from your feet in this summer season by wearing this pair of slippers from RockDove. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor situations as they come with rubber soles. The manufacturer used 92% cotton and 8% spandex to construct the slippers. They used SILVADUR anti-odor fabric to construct the slippers, which keeps the odor-causing bacteria in your foot away.

The slippers will stay on your feet even in some intense situations because of the close back design. They are breathable enough with the cotton knit upper and moisture-wicking terry lining design. By wicking away the moisture, it keeps your feet dry and cool. You will have a pillow-soft feel underneath while walking putting on the slippers because it has a high-density memory foam insole that molds to your feet' contours. You will have minor arch support. The feet remain flexible with the elastic gores inside.

Key Features

  1. SILVADUR anti-odor fabric construction
  2. High-density memory foam insole
  3. Anti-skid rubber outsoles
  4. Cotton knit upper with moisture-wicking terry lining
  5. Elastic gores inside.

8. RockDove Men's Adjustable Wrap Memory Foam Slide Slipper

This pair of slippers from RockDove is completely different from the other slippers on the list because it comes with an adjustable Velcro wrap closure. It ensures an accurate fit for any user. The manufacturer used microfiber to construct the upper side of the slippers and rubber to construct the outsoles.

You can get relief from a few common foot pain for a certain period wearing the slippers as they provide minor arch support to the feet. It will feel extremely soft walking through because there is a high-density memory foam insole that molds to the user's feet' contours. It keeps the sweat and water away from the foot with the terry cloth lining. The slippers are machine washable.

Key Features

  1. Adjustable Velcro wrap closure
  2. Microfiber construction
  3. There is minor arch support
  4. High-density memory foam insole
  5. Terry cloth lining.

9. RockDove Men's Nomad Slipper with Memory Foam

Are you searching for a durable slipper that conforms to your feet well? Then RockDove’s this nomad slipper is an ideal choice for you. The pair of slippers come with rubber soles, which are of course anti-skid and anti-slippage. Moreover, the manufacturer has attached the soles to the upper portion of the slipper via sewn side seams.

There are high-density memory foam padded midsoles used in the slippers. Also, they used two support foams for extra cushioning. This construction distributes the stress of your feet by molding to the curves underfoot. You will get enhanced warmth from the slippers as they come covered with plush Sherpa fleece from inside to outside.

Key Features

  1. The outsoles are attached via sewn sides seams
  2. High-density memory foam padded midsoles
  3. Two extra support foams
  4. Covered with plush Sherpa fleece
  5. Rubber sole.

10. RockDove Men's Fuzzy Fleece Memory Foam Clog

Easily put on this pair of slippers and save your feet from the pinching of cold. The manufacturer has used Sherpa fleece to construct the inside and outside of the slippers. This cozy construction keeps your feet warm in cold weather conditions. The slippers have rubber outsoles, which makes them usable indoors and outdoors.

The slip-on clog design makes the pair of slippers easy to put on and remove. They come with memory foam insoles covered in a fun tribal cushion. It efficiently reduces foot stress. The slippers are pretty easy to take with a simple machine wash.

Key Features

  1. Sherpa fleece construction inside and outside
  2. Rubber outsoles
  3. Easy slip-on clog design
  4. Memory foam insoles covered in a fun tribal cushion
  5. Machine washable.

Buying guides: You shouldn’t skip

You may not love to spend your money on the wrong product that doesn’t provide you enough support. To purchase the right product, you need to consider a few factors before making the final selection.


 Most of the RockDove slippers come with rubber outsoles. Although the slippers are designed for indoor use, these rubber soles make them suitable for the outdoors as well. The rubber soles prevent slippage, and they are also anti-skid. However, some slippers come with foam soles that are specifically made for indoor usage.


 You should never buy a pair of slippers that don’t have high-density memory foam insoles. It is a crucial factor when you are searching for comfort. Sometimes it comes with extra cushioning as well to provide more support during the cold weather. The insole can also have extra EVA layers on.

Upper construction

 The upper portion of the Slippers should be constructed with cotton with a blend of spandex and waffle knit design. It is necessary to provide your feet enough comfort as long as you are wearing them. The lightweight nature makes doesn't make your feet heavier, rather it keeps the natural weight.


There are mainly two types of designs available, open back and close back design. Open back design offers the user much easiness to put on the slippers than close back design. However, the close back design ensures the slippers will snugly stay on the feet even during rough usage. There is also another kind of slipper, which comes with an adjustable Velcro wrap design. Some RockDove specialy desgin nursing clogs for batter fell to long time duty.


 The slippers you are wearing must be able to wick away the moisture and sweat. Without having this feature, you always have chances of slippage. The moisture-wicking feature keeps your feet dry and cool during hot weather conditions.


 It’s not the time to use your hands for washing the slippers. So you must check out whether the pair of slippers you are choosing is machine washable or not. Also, read out the user manual to know the temperature you keep in the machine while washing.

How to wash RockDove slippers

Washing RockDove slippers are pretty easier nowadays because every one of the slippers is machine washable. Although you will find the washing process in the user manual, there are some basic steps for this.

  • At first, put the slippers inside the machine and add adequate laundry detergent there.
  • Then set the temperature according to the user manual, but it will require a cold temperature for the process.
  • Set the agitation to the gentle cycle and let the slippers get washed.
  • After the cycle finishes, take away the slippers.
  • Lastly, dry them using air or dry line method.

Why wearing RockDove slippers at home is good.

Wearing RockDove slippers at home is good for your health in some manners.

  • When you are sick, you can put on a pair of cozy slippers for having support on your feet when you are suffering from fever.
  • Improves blood circulation: Wearing comfortable slippers reduces the swelling and improves the blood circulation in your feet.
  • Relief from foot pain: These slippers are capable of giving your relief from several foot pains.
  • Keeps away fungal infections: While you are roaming around the garden or other spots in your residence, which areas possess chances of fungal infections, you can put on a pair of RockDove slippers.
  • Improves balance: The comfortable rubber outsoles help improving keeping balance while walking or running.

Final words

Don’t but if you are still not sure, although I’ve discussed every possible thing to make you sure that you need a pair of RockDove slippers. Without blindly choosing any product from the list, read out the descriptions again and then make the final choice.

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