NORTIV 8 shoes reviews for men and women

If your old shoes have been damaged and you are worried about which brand you should choose for your next pair of shoes, NORTIV 8 can be a great option. This brand provides you with a variety of shoes depending on your use like hiking, walking, casual loafer, military boots, etc.

You can find a detailed description of a few top shoes in NORTIV 8 shoes reviews for men and women. However, you need to measure the size of the feet before choosing any shoes from this brand. Because NORTIV 8 Women's Mid Calf Insulated Winter Snow Boots is not applicable for any man’s feet.

So, I’m here to clear your confusion by providing a detailed buying guide of NORTIV 8 shoes with a description of our top products from this brand.

Best NORTIV 8 shoes

Are NORTIV shoes good to use?

Wait, why should you choose NORTIV shoes instead of other reputable shoe brands? Yes, definitely there are some reasons behind suggesting you NORTIV shoes above other shoe brands.

  • Rubber sole: There are different types of shoes available from the NORTIV brand, but all of them are designed with rubber soles.
  • Comfortable cushioning inside: The soft, flexible insole design provides enough cushioning to the shoes and provides long-lasting comfort to the user.
  • Strong closure: Whether the shoe has a zipper closure or hook strap closure system, it provides a strong fitting to the feet of the users.
  • Weather resistance: The upper panels of these shoes are typically made of genuine leather, which keeps the water away and makes it usable in rougher weather conditions as well.
NORTIV 8 army boots

Best NORTIV 8 shoes

1. NORTIV 8 Women's Mid Calf Insulated Winter Snow Boots


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 2.8 pounds

This pair of winter snow boots from women from NORTIV 8 comes with a seam-sealed water-resistant construction that keeps the watery elements away from the feet. The sole of the boots is made of rubber, and it has a flocking design. The boots' upper sides are made of synthetic leather and oxford fabric to make them water and wind-resistant.

There is a synthetic toe cap designed at the front of the boot to resist collision. The flocking design of the rubber sole makes it more stable and also prevents slippage and abrasions. You will also find a flexible response in various outdoor terrains because of the rubber soles. The platform of the boot measures around 1 inch.

However, the shaft measures around 8 inches from the arch. The insole is removable and it is made of warm cushion faux fur that offers all-day comfort to the user. Your feet will remain dry at low temperatures because of the 200g high-quality cotton. There is an insulated warm comfy lining to ensure protection during bad weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole with a flocking design
  • The upper side of the boot is constructed with synthetic leather and oxford fabric.
  • Warm cushion faux fur insole
  • Insulated warm comfy lining.

2. NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 1 pound

You can put on these pair of hiking boots without having any hesitation of slippage because the sole offers you resistance from slippage. You will get enough traction on various terrains with this multi-direction lug rubber outsole. It is designed with a lightweight EVA footbed and molded foam insole, which provides support and comfort all day long.

You will have lightweight cushioning and also shock absorption from the boots. The shaft of the boots measures 4 inches from the arch. The boot’s opening measures around 13 inches. The boot's upper side is constructed with premium genuine leather, which makes it usable in all weather conditions as well.

You will also have hooks on the top for secure lacing of the boots. It comes with an adjustable mid-calf design with metal hardware and seam-sealed construction, which makes the boot a durable one. It has also got a waterproof membrane and fabric lining that keeps your feet dry and for the long term.

Key Features

  1. Slip-resistant lug rubber outsole
  2. It has a lightweight EVA footbed and molded foam inside.
  3. The upper side is made with premium genuine leather.
  4. It has a waterproof membrane and fabric lining.

3. NORTIV 8 Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Loafer Walking Shoes


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 2 pounds

You will have multi-directional traction wearing this pair of shoes from NORTIV 8 as it comes with durable and anti-slip rubber soles. It has 0.15 inches lug depth to provide slip-free movement. It has also got an EVA midsole, which absorbs impact and reduces strain. The upper side of the shoes is made with genuine leather.

It is also designed with fabric lining alongside the leather panels. Moreover, it comes with a nice slip-on design with an elastic design on the dual side. This also offers you a comfortable fit. There is a protective rubber toe cap with sturdy reinforcement. Meanwhile, the leather upper panel is water-resistant that makes it suitable for rough weather as well.

The manufacturer has used a lightweight EVA footbed and molded insole, which provides you comfort the whole day long. The insole is lightweight and made of soft memory foam. It provides your feet full protection with more flexibility all day long. The foam insole inside is also removable.

Key Features

  1. It is designed with durable and anti-slip rubber soles.
  2. The upper side of the shoe is made of genuine leather.
  3. It comes with a slip-on design with elastics on both sides.
  4. It has a lightweight and soft memory insole.

4. NORTIV 8 Men's Military Tactical Work Boots


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 3.2 pounds

This pair of military tactical work boots are going to provide you extended fitting with the double closure system. It is designed with a side zipper and hook strap closure system to provide you a secure fit and also make it easier to take on/off. Meanwhile, the ankle-high protection design wraps and supports the ankles.

It comes with a rugged rubber outsole, which provides an exceptional grip and durability. The outsole is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. Then, there is an EVA midsole design that absorbs shock and also reduces foot fatigue. The insole is made of removable soft foam with added cushioning, which is also shock absorbent.

This provides all-day comfort to the user. There is a protective toe cap with sturdy reinforcement in the shoes. The boot's upper side is made of premium genuine leather with fabric lining, which is water and abrasion-resistant. Also, it has a breathable mesh fabric design that keeps the feet cool and dry. There is a mesh tongue also.

Key Features

  1. Dual closure system with side zipper and hook straps
  2. Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant rugged rubber outsole
  3. Shock absorbent EVA midsole
  4. Premium genuine leather with fabric lining upper panel.

5. NORTIV 8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Work Winter Snow Boots


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 4 pounds

You can keep your feet warm even at -25 degree Fahrenheit temperature with this pair of snow boots from NORTIV 8. The boot is designed 200g, lightweight 3M Thinsulate lining that keeps the feet warm and dry. It comes with a slip-resistant rubber sole, which also provides a better grip on snowy tracks.

It is also abrasion-resistant and you will find enough flexible response from the boots in various outdoor terrains. The boot's upper side is designed with suede leather and the bottom unit is designed with a waterproof shell. The feet will have a drier feet environment by keeping the wet elements away from the feet because of the seam-sealed water-resistant environment.

The insole of the boot is sweat-absorbent and breathable as it is constructed with absolute and linen material. It has got a warm lining and a gusseted tongue design. The ergonomic design of the boot provides protection and support to your arch. When you open up the boot, the opening will measure around 13 inches.

Key Features

  1. Keeps the feet warm and dry with 200g 3M Thinsulate lining
  2. Better grip with slip-resistant rubber sole
  3. Suede leather upper and waterproof shell bottom unit
  4. Sweat-absorbent and breathable insole.

6. NORTIV 8 Men's Low Top Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Brand: NORTIV 8

Weight: 2.4 pounds

This pair of hiking sneakers comes with a lace-up design for a secure fit. The outsole of the sneaker is made of rugged rubber, which provides an exceptional grip and durability. It is also more stable, slip and abrasion-resistant. You will also get enough flexible responses from the outsoles in various terrains.

Meanwhile, the insole is removable and flexible at the same time. This flexible MD midsole reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock. It also offers arch support and provides all-day comfort to the user. The upper side of the shoes is made of synthetic material with fabric lining. The shaft measures approximately 4 inches from the arch.

The heel of the shoes measures 1 inch. When you open up the boot, it will measure around 13 inches. It has also got protective rubber toe cap with rubber reinforcement. Adjustable lace-up closure provides you a comfortable fit. The synthetic upper design is waterproof as well.

Key Features

  1. The outsole is made of rugged rubber.
  2. Shock absorbent removable and flexible insole
  3. The upper side of the shoes is made of synthetic material with fabric lining.
  4. Protective rubber toe cap with rubber reinforcement.

Things you need to consider before buying

NORTIV 8 shoe

Selecting the right type of shoes is really crucial if you want to have maximum comfort. There are some things you need to check out before buying a pair of shoes from NORTIV 8.

Size: For the perfect fitting, you need to select the right size of the shoe. There are different sizes for men and women. Men’s shoe size ranges from 6.5 to 15 and women’s shoe size measures 5 to12. Before deciding the size, you need to measure the foot length and the circumference of the foot as well. You should keep around 0.15 to 0.25 inches distance from the foot to the toe cap of the shoes.

Outsole: No matter, for what purpose or what conditions you are buying the shoes you should not compromise the material used on the outsole. The rubber-rugged outsole is my only recommendation for outsoles. This rubber outsole provides a better grip on various terrain conditions, slippage-free walking, running, or jumping experience, and also it is abrasion-resistant.

Insole: Mostly the insole of NORTIV 8 shoes are made of flexible EVA foam. The EVA foam provides comfort inside the shoes during rough weather conditions as well and keeps your feet dry. Some manufacturers though use MD midsoles as well. Both these insoles are capable of absorbing shocks. The well cushioning inside provides warmth in cold weather. For cold weather, faux fur lining is better than any other materials for sure.

Upper panel: You should look for an upper panel, which is weather-resistant. This will allow you to use the pair of shoes in any weather conditions. The upper panel of premium genuine leather does a great job in this regard. However, some shoes also have high-quality synthetic upper panel construction. Whichever the material is, it is quite common to come with fabric lining. Meanwhile, check out the waterproof feature before buying a pair of shoes.

Closure system: There are mainly two closure systems, lace-up and zipper. The lace-up system is the most popular kind of closure and some shoes, especially long boots have a zipper closure system. However, NORTIV 8 designed a few shoes with both these closure systems present in the same model of shoes.

Are NORTIV shoes cheaper?

Unlike the most reputed shoe brands like Nike, Puma, NORTIV manufactures their shoes at a very cheaper rate. You can buy the shoes, loafers spending something between $25 to $40. However, the boots are a bit pricey compared to the shoes as they can go up to $60.

Even though the price of the boots is a bit higher, they are still very much affordable. Moreover, the manufacturer has ensured the quality of their products, although they are a lot cheaper. So any user can have a long-term service from the shoes even if he uses them in rough weather conditions because they are weather-resistant.

What types of shoes NORTIV 8 makes?

NORTIV manufactures a few types of shoes and lets the customers choose their needed pair of shoes from this huge collection.

  • Hiking shoes: The hiking shoes are built to go on well on rough terrain tracks. The soles of these shoes are slip-resistant and provide an extended gripping on the ground.
  • Walking shoes: Walking shoes or casual shoes are known as loafers. They are not as anti-slip as hiking shoes but provide enough traction on the ground.
  • Winter shoes: Winter shoes are made to provide you a comfortable experience in snowy conditions. They have better cushioning inside with the soft and flexible insole. This keeps the feet warm for a long time.
  • Military work shoes: Military work shoes are basically boots and there are boots available for both men and women. These shoes have a longer shaft and a stronger closure system.

Concluding words

You might not want to turn your attention from any reputable shoe brand to an unpopular brand like NORTIV. But trust me, this brand has good potential and they are already providing their customers with different types of shoes at a cheaper rate. Before choosing your next new pair of shoes, you should read out the description of the products first and also the buying guide.

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