How Much Are Fila Shoes : High to Low Fila Shoes Cost

Fila's shoes will prove supportive without any doubt to have adequate comfort while walking, running, or participating in any kind of sports event.

The cost of Fila shoes ranges from $30 to $180, and there isn’t much difference in men's and women's shoe prices.

The style, durability, type of shoes, breathability, comfort everything affects the price of these shoes. But Fila shoes aren’t any pricier brand that offers the most expensive shoes that are out of reach for the buyers. But the cost will ultimately depend on the type of shoes you are buying.

Fila Shoes Cost

What is Fila brand

Ettore and Giansevero founded the Fila brand in 1911 and was found in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. Until 2007, it was an Italian footwear and clothing brand. But in 2007, South Korea took the rights of this brand. Since that time, the headquarters of Fila is situated in Seoul, South Korea.

Cost of Fila shoes

Fila shoes have delivered quality to the customers at an affordable price. However, there are both cheap and expensive shoes manufactured by Fila. The cost of Fila shoes ranges from $30 to $180 approximately. There are sports shoes, running shoes, causal-usage shoes, etc. available on the list.

Fila men’s shoes

There are men’s shoes available for casual fit as well as for sports purposes. The casual shoes remain on the cheaper side of the list compared to the other ones. Running shoes are a bit pricier than casual walking shoes because of their extended functionality. However, all types of men’s shoes are sold from $30 to $180.

Sports and hiking shoes are the most expensive ones as they come with added features on traditional shoe items. The extra support and comfort ensured by these shoes are the noteworthy side that increases the price. The amount of money you have to pay for a pair of shoes ultimately depends on you.

Fila women’s shoes

The features, functionality, and even the cost of women’s shoes from Fila are pretty similar. But there’s a slight difference in the price range as it ranges from $30 to $170 typically. Likewise men’s shoes, there are also running, walking, hiking shoes and sports shoes available.

Sports and hiking shoes are on the expensive side that costs up to $170. On the other hand, you will find walking and running casual shoes at an affordable price.

Different types of Fila shoes

Before purchasing any pair of Fila shoes, you need to make sure exactly for what you are purchasing this pair. And to do so, you need to have a clear idea of the different types manufactured under this brand.

Casual shoes

The manufacturer mostly relies on the look of the shoes rather than functionality when it comes to casual shoes. The shoes are lightweight and they are enough capable for day to day use. Even if someone wants to put them on for party purposes or function, the style of the shoes will allow him to do so.

Running shoes

With a bit better functionality and support, Fila manufactured running shoes. Alongside the style, running shoes are also equipped with flexibility. Without flexibility, one can’t have the comfortable movement of feet. And having free movement of the feet is the pre-condition to get the most comfortable running experience with the shoes.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes mean you have to walk through the trails or rough terrain roads with the shoes on. The outsoles design and traction is the main thing you need to watch while buying hiking shoes. The advanced traction pattern on the outsole creates adequate grip on even terrain roads.

But without having enough traction down there, the user can never think of crossing the terrain condition safe and securely. Also, hiking shoes must be durable enough for long-lasting usage withstanding the off-road pressures.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes almost have the same features as hiking shoes, but have something more of course. Having support and comfort is mandatory for the good functionality of sports shoes. Sports shoes should have a breathable design on the upper panel. It provides a comfortable gaming experience all day long.

Also, the lateral support, cushioned insole, lacing system improves the playability of the user.

Are Fila shoes durable?

Yes, Fila shoes are durable as the manufacturer uses quality rubber and leather for the construction. Rubber outsoles used to construct the shoes are thicker for better functionality on any ground. Also, it comes with various traction patterns to make the journey smoother and suitable.

Meanwhile, to construct the upper panel of the shoes the makers use leather. It is undoubtedly a durable material that extends the lifetime of the shoes conveniently. The overall construction of the shoes also makes them wear-resistant. And the extended durability offers long-lasting usability.

How comfortable Fila shoes are

The comfort after putting on any shoes depends on a lot of things. The most important thing for this is to find a proper fit. As there is no issue regarding the sizing of the shoes from Fila, a buyer can easily find out the most comfortable and perfect fit.

Only after finding the perfect fit one can enjoy the other facilities offered by the shoes. The next one needs to ensure the materials used to construct the shoes. And as I already mentioned about this, it is proved that Fila shoes are definitely a comfortable one.

Arch types used in Fila shoes

There is one more important thing most buyers ignore while choosing shoes and that is choosing the right shoes depending on the arch type. But Fila has done a pretty good job and shown the different collections depending on the arch types.

  • The user should go for motion-controlled shoes if he has flat feet or low-arch.
  • A user with a normal arch needs stability in the shoes, which provides better service in between the game.
  • And to support high arch feet, it is required to put on cushioned shoes to find out the comfort.

Are Fila shoes breathable?

The use of quality materials to construct the shoes ensures breathability. Due to the breathable structure of the shoes, it is a long time use as well. The sweat created because of long-time usage is absorbed by the upper panel of shoes. There are also vents for proper airflow to ensure breathable comfort.

How supportive Fila shoes are

There are three different types of shoes manufactured by Fila for three different arch types, and this provides extended support to the wearer’s feet. The cushioning around the heel and tongue area also ensures the comfort and support shoes for work one user needs.

Final thoughts

No matter what features you look at on the shoes, the cost is also an important factor. But never give them more priority over other features. Ensure you have the facilities in the shoes that you need and then take a look at the cost.

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