Can leather shoes get wet : Are leather shoes waterproof?

Leather isn’t a waterproof material and for this, it is obvious that leather shoes will get wet when they come in contact with water. Using leather shoes on a rainy day will surely make it wet. But getting wet is not the main problem here, rather the problem arises when it starts getting drier.

However, if the user has to use his leather in the rain or get close to water, he can do certain things to make the shoes water-resistant a bit. Continue reading the article further because today we will go through everything about leather shoes being getting wet.

Can leather shoes get wet

Are leather shoes waterproof?

Although there are different types of leather available, none of these leather used to make shoes are fully waterproof. By following certain things, one can only make the leather shoes water-resistant for a bit. But it is impossible making the leather shoes waterproof.

You may be thinking, is there is any difference between waterproof and water-resistant? Yes, these two terms are different.

  • Waterproof means the materials are never going to get wet or damaged by water.
  • But water-resistant means it can resist water from damaging the item for a certain period only.

And that is why leather shoes aren't waterproof ones, rather they are only water-resistant.

Leather shoes getting wet

As leather shoes are not 100% waterproof, they are prone to getting wet. When it crosses the water-resisting limit, it will get wet whenever it comes in contact with water. However, there are some ways to increase the water-resistance of the shoes. It will consequently decrease the chances of getting wet quickly.

So if anyone still wants to know whether leather shoes can get wet or not, the answer is quite simple, and it is yes.

Types of leather and water-resistance

How much prone the leather shoes are to water depends on the type of leather used for the construction. The water resistance varies from leather to leather and it's better to know about different types of leather with their water resistance.

Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather shoes are the most water-resistance shoes compared to other leather shoes. The makers rely on the strongest hide from the animal body to construct full-grain leather. And because of using the highest quality leather, the shoes also become the most durable and water-resistant one among all others. For working period every person needs most supportive shoes for work, i suggest this must leather shoes.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is not real leather but offers a lot of similar facilities to full-grain leather. The durability it offers is almost the same as real leather. And after applying the water-resisting spray, it can resist the water from penetrating inside the shoes to a great extent. If you findinf good brand leather shoes you can nortiv 8 shoes chose one.

Faux leather

Another great type of waterproofing leather is faux leather. Though it looks like full-grain or real leather, it has a plastic coating over it. Typically, users apply one kind of plastic coating over the leather structure to make them waterproof, but faux leather is already equipped with this feature. So obviously, it will provide better waterproofing without any spray.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is one kind of lighter version of real leather. Like real leather, it is necessary to put on a layer by spraying on the synthetic surface of the shoes. This layer will prevent the water from touching the inside of the shoes and also prevent damage due to water.

Suede leather

It is the least waterproof leather used to construct shoes. It doesn’t only absorb water easily but also drops watermarks on the surface to damage the outlook as well. It is mandatory to put on waterproofing spray on the layer before going anywhere near water with these shoes on.

Drying wet leather shoes

When your leather shoes get dry, it becomes necessary to get them dry as soon as possible. There are some basic ways to dry out wet leather shoes.

  • At first, remove any extra water from the shoes and make them completely waterless.
  • Now use a soft cloth to remove the water drop and dirt remaining on the shoes. Leaving out these things without cleaning will create stains on the surface and ultimately damage the outlook of the shoes with the quality.
  • Then remove the laces and insoles letting them dry out individually and quickly as well.
  • After all, you have done, there will still be a lot of moisture remaining inside the shoes. For this, you have to fill the inside with crumpled paper pieces to soak the remaining moisture.
  • Leave the papers inside the shoes for a while to soak the moisture properly and then remove them.
  • Now the last thing is to dry out the shoes by keeping them close to natural air resources. But never take them close to excessive heat because it will result in cracking of the leather.
  • To finalize the process and bring back the previous supple look on the shoes, you should use a leather conditioner thoroughly on the shoe surface.

Protecting leather shoes in the rain

It is impossible to protect leather shoes in the rain if you don’t put a coating on the leather surface. The leather conditioner used to bring back the natural look of the shoes can also be used to protect the shoes on rainy days. There are two methods to protect leather shoes in the rain, conditioning and waxing.


When the shoe is still wet, apply a leather conditioner on the leather surface. This will create an extra layer to keep the water and the leather out of touch for a while. It will make the shoes water-resistant better than it was before conditioning.


Take a soft cloth and mix a bit of wax with it. Then the rest of the process is simple as you just have to apply the wax by rubbing the soft cloth over the leather surface. Finally, let the wax dry on the shoes for approximately one hour before it is ready to use.

Removing water stains from leather shoes

There is not only one method to remove stains from leather shoes, rather a lot of methods that you can try out for the process.

  • Water with sponge: The easiest method to remove water stains is to some water and soft spongy cloth. Damp the cloth into the water and simply rub it over the leather. The formula won’t be effective if the stains are dense.
  • Warm water with dishwashing soap: It is rather better to use warm water than normal water. The mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap will clean the surface of the leather. Use a soft piece of cloth to apply this mixture on the leather surface properly.
  • Leather conditioner: Leather conditioner has versatile usage and that has to be admitted. It can bring back the natural leather look, make the leather more water-resistant, and also remove the stains. The process of applying leather conditioners is also similar here.
  • Leather cleaner: Take a soft cloth and put a bit of leather cleaner on it. The rest of the work is simple as you have to rub it round-round over the stains. Let the cleaner stay on the shoe's surface for at least half an hour for its functionality.

Final thoughts

As leather shoes can get wet, the wearer has to take steps to prevent the shoes from getting wet. At least by following the methods discussed above, he can increase the water-resistance of the leather shoes.

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