Are New Balance shoes good?

f you are okay with a traditional look on the shoes and don’t run after trendy designs, you can choose New Balance shoes for sure. There are different types of shoes for different purposes designed by the new balance. Another thing the users mostly like about the new balance is the arch support with proper cushioning.

The users also don’t need to worry about having wider feet because the new balance offers shoes for both narrow and wide feet. These are only a few reasons that prove new balance shoes good, and continue reading for more.

Are New Balance shoes good

What is New Balance

Balance shoes good

New Balance is a sports footwear and clothing company that started its journey in 1906. It started the journey as a new balance arch support company, which used to provide cushioned comfort and proper arch support to athletes' feet. William Riley was the founder of the arch support company.

He founded the company in Boston and made the first pair of shoes in 1938. Still, the headquarters of the brand is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. However, it is no more associated with the new balance arch support company. Now it is associated with new balance athletics, Inc.

This American brand also has a branch in the United Kingdom and these shoes are made for European states. The inclusion of softer cushioned insole, arch support, and shoes for wider feet made the footwear brand a good one.

What makes new balance shoes good

When buying footwear it is important to ensure having some basic features and this also makes the manufacturing brand one of the top-class in this way. A new balance has already created a position in the world of producing sports footwear by maintaining the quality of the products.

There are some crucial that mostly made new balances shoes good and I’d like to share these with you.


The most noteworthy side of the new balance shoes is the versatility they offer. They manufacturer sports shoes, hiking shoes, running shoes, shoes for casual use, and so on. Moreover, there are different shoes designed for different sports from this brand. This versatility makes it easier to choose the appropriate pair of shoes depending on the need of the user.

Cushioning and arch support

Whether you are walking, running, or involved in a sports event, you will always fancy having superb comfort on your footwear. New balance shoes offer adequate cushioning and arch support to the user. It decreases any sort of pain around the feet and ensures proper comfort. And ultimately creating another reason for the buyers to choose new balance shoes.

Shoes for wide feet

Not every user has the same width of feet. And most buyers put importance on choosing the right length of shoes, but not the width. This results in an improper fitting later on. However, new balance has designed shoes for both narrow and wide feet. This makes the shoes fitted on wider fit without worrying about poor fitting and performance.


The sole used in new balance shoes offer the most flexibility you could get in a quality pair of shoes. The flexibility makes the movement of the feet a lot comfortable in any condition. The manufacturer ensured flexibility for an extended period with comfort.

Suitable for diabetes patients

Almost all pairs of new balance shoes have approval for the usage of diabetes patients. The shoes have ensured proper comfort in the construction allowing even diabetes patients to find comfort.

Proper traction and grip

It is another most important reason why new balance shoes have their position as a good shoe brand. Without having proper traction and grip, it won’t support you anywhere doesn’t matter how well the sports field is.

What features should new balance shoes have

From reading the above section, you have already understood the good sides of new balance shoes. So this now isn’t a difficult task for any buyer to assume what features a pair of new balance shoes should exactly have.

Proper sizing

Without proper sizing, the shoes won’t fit on anyone’s feet well and without proper fitting, the shoes will remain useless. Shoes from a brand-like new balance offer proper sizing with compatibility with narrow and wide feet.

Comfortable wear

There are a lot of things one needs to consider while ensuring comfortable wear of footwear. The arch support, lateral support, cushioned tongue, toe cap, etc. are some basic things a pair of shoes must-have. These features support the whole feet after putting them inside the shoes and ensure a comfortable feel all day long.

Minimal heel flare

It necessary to have a minimal flared heel. It makes walking, running, jumping, or anything you want to do wearing the shoes comfortable. Try to choose shoes with minimal heel flare without caring about the type of shoes.

Snugly fit heel cup

Only selecting the proper size isn’t enough for any shoes to stay properly fitted and locked into the feet. But when the heel cup ensures a snug fit over the shoes it will stay all day long providing a comfortable feel.

Cushioned insole

The level of comfort for all-day use depends largely on the cushioning of the insole. The cushioned insole provides a soft but comfortable feel over the feet. However, the cushioning also protects the heel from any sort of injury because of hard landings.

Strong Velcro straps

Almost every new balance shoe, especially sports shoes have a Velcro strap closure system. But the thing you need to ensure is the strength of the straps. Without being and strong and durable, it will disturb the fitting of the shoes anytime, anywhere.

Types of new balance shoes

There are a lot of types of shoes available in the new balance and mostly they can be divided into three categories. The first one is regular use shoes, the second one is hiking shoes and the last one is sports shoes.

Regular shoes

Regular shoes are made of everyday casual usage. They don’t have any extra features like hiking or sports shoes, but they put importance on the comfort of the shoes making them ideal for all-day usage.

Hiking shoes

There are two more types here, hiking shoes and hiking boots. And another type is trail running shoes. Hiking shoes are lightweight, softer, and provides easy breaking in. However, hiking boots are on the heavier side with durable upper panel construction. The lace-up system provides enough comfort with lateral support and protection.

Running shoes for trail or rough terrains require an extra bit of traction from the outsoles to ensure adequate grip on the terrain conditions.

Sports shoes

They also manufacture different sports shoes like basketball, baseball, skateboarding, and so on.

The numbering system of new balance shoes

It is tough for new users to understand the numbering system of new balance shoes. So let’s make it a bit easier for the new buyers.

  1. The first letter shows the gender and purpose of the shoes. M refers to men and W refers to women. MR refers to men running and MT refers to men trail.
  2. The next digit refers to the level of performance.
  3. The second two digits show the cushioning level of the shoes.
  4. The last part of the number is for the version of the shoes.

Final words

There is no question about the quality of new balance shoes and without any question, this is a good shoe brand. So you can always choose this brand for various purposes.

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